Sharpen Your Mind, Body & Spirit At The Only Weekend Martial Arts Experience For Entrepreneurs

Live Weekend Event: July 21-22, 2023 | Portland, Oregon


20 18 spots remaining

All Levels and Genders Welcome. No Prior Martial Arts Experience Required.

If You're Reading This Page, You're Already Dead. Here's Why That's Great News...

The samurai had a concept called “dying before going into battle.” This practice allowed a warrior to enter combat with complete freedom because he’d already accepted his own death in advance.

After all, what did he have to lose? He was already dead. There was no reason to hold back.

And just like that samurai, you too are already dead.

If you're a leader in your business or at your job, you have goals and a vision for how you want your life to go.

But at the end of it all…only two things are absolutely true:

#1: If you’re reaching for something that’s beyond your current capabilities you’ll succeed sometimes, but most of the time, you’ll fail.

#2: …and then, you’ll die. 

And this is great news, because it means you’re free to reinvent yourself without fear of consequences since you already know the ultimate outcome of the game.

One of the best ways to do reinvent yourself and become powerful is through martial arts.

I’ve been training for over a decade now and I know one thing for certain — the battle is never with your opponent. It’s with yourself.

In martial arts, we practice controlled violence to understand peace. We simulate death to remind ourselves the most important elements of life.

I’d like to invite you to test yourself, to reinvent yourself, to grow in a way that you never have before by learning to become deadly.

Welcome to Samurai Camp: the first ever martial arts camp specifically designed for entrepreneurs and professionals.

Over 2 days of mental, physical and emotional training:

  • You’ll learn to fight your demons, anxiety and stress. 
  • You’ll learn to fight your fears of scarcity, lack and self-doubt. 
  • You’ll learn to fight attackers who mean to do you or your family harm.
  • You learn to fight for yourself and what you believe in.
  • You’ll walk away with new friendships and wisdom that will last a lifetime.

Here's a shot of the crew at Samurai Camp 2022:

We’re living in an age that’s equal parts beautiful and terrifying. There are huge shifts happening in technology, the economy and politics. 

It’s easier than ever to get thrown off center by looking at everything that’s happening around you.

This two-day camp will teach you how to access powers inside you that you never knew you had and it will teach you practical, reliable skills to defend your body, mind and soul in this changing world.

It’s open to men and women, regardless of age or experience level.

The next camp is July 21-22 in Portland, Oregon. 

Join us and become the samurai of your own life.

Apply below to schedule a short admissions interview with our team.

20 18 spots remaining

All Levels and Genders Welcome. No Prior Martial Arts Experience Required.