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Daniel DiPiazza is a bestselling author, serial entrepreneur, martial artist and mentor to incredible humans.

His brilliant clients have generated over $25MM in verified sales through their hard work and his coaching.

On The New Wave Podcast, Daniel shares the insights he's learned from his journey through business and life — including insights on:

  • Making more money
  • Using new technology
  • Learning about your own psychology
  • Developing a philosophy for living
  • Utilizing psychedelics for healing and exploration
  • Mastering positive behavior change
  • Much more


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New Wave University is a free online community for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced business owners with one common goal: to level up their lives.

Come join us for free resources and and deep conversations on resources on:

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  • Developing a purpose for your life
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  • Much more!

No mushrooms required (though we'd love to take some with you one day!)


Over my career, I’ve been featured on the cover of Foundr Magazine and I've been written about in  Forbes, Fortune, Inc. and TIME Magazine. My writing, videos and podcasts have reached millions.

I’ve spoken on stages all over the world, including The United States Army, NASDAQ and USC.

You can check out the video above to get a sense for how I present material with humor and clarity. If you'd like to learn more about me or my work, please check out my personal website.